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Jenga is an addictive game that can be played by multiple players, who take turns to gingerly remove a block from the tower without causing it to fall.  Once the block is successfully extracted, it will need to be placed on the top of the tower, again without causing a tumble.  If the tower continues to stand, it’s onto the next player to try their luck.  The winner is the last person to successfully place a block.


The Giant Jenga Hire comes with a sturdy Wooden base so it can be used on a hard surface or on grass - as long as it’s an even surface of course - and it’s easy to transport too, so we offer you the option to come and collect it from our stores yourself.


Blocks can also be branded or customised to your liking at an extra fee. 


*Price does not include an attendant . Add one for €45.00excl.vat 

Giant Jenga - Hire

    • A flat surface/ floor
    • Space of approximately 2m x 2m 

    When hiring without an attendant, missing peices will be charged for at €20.00excl.vat per block. 

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