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Yep - anything you need branded we can quote for in an instant. Be it flags, roll ups or even give aways! We are not only efficient but also CREATIVE so if you're stuck for ideas, just send us a message!


Our promoters and logistics team work regularly in all leading supermarkets in Malta. Got a special offer you need to push or got a product you need to sample ? It's what we do! 


If its just flyers or freebees you want to give out in public places, events or festivals, our team can do just that. 

We can also handle the logistics of it all. 1 Less headache for you!


If you have no idea where to start we can assist you with building the whole concept from scratch. Whether its a simple gondola in a retail shop or fully blown activation. 

Nothing is impossible. It's what we do!


  • Ushers

  • Event Front Desk Registration

  • Photobooth Attendants

  • Supermarket Sampling

  • Supermarket Sales

  • Promotional Personnel

  • Hosts and Hostesses

  • Conference Staff

  • Hospitality Staff

  • Leaflet Distribution

  • Mystery Shoppers

  • Product Sampling

  • Product Launches

  • Sales Staff

  • Registration/Ticketing

  • Event Support

  • Film Extras

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • Exhibition Staff

  • Market Research Assistants

  • Tradeshow Representatives

  • Data Capture Staff

  • Street Team Promotions

  • Costume Characters

  • Event Coordinators

  • Demonstrators

  • In-store Demonstrations

  • Event Greeters

  • Brand Educators

  • Airport Meet and Greet

  • Fundraisers

  • Guerrilla Marketing Teams

  • Flash Mob Participants

  • Mascot Performers

  • Survey Conductors


Believing in teamwork is one thing, but to actually work as a team is another. At Afterglow, we continuously work towards keeping a solid team that would able to communicate effectively and assist one other when needed. We understand that showing trust towards the whole team brings about a sense of belonging and tenacity to ensure each and every booking is done with grace, charm, and benevolence.

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