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Since our director comes from a theatrical background, she knows a thing or two about presence. Sadly, not everyone has the skill to enter a room and grab everyone's attention in an instant, BUT fortunately for us, we believe that it is of utmost importance that anyone representing your precious brand is actually in the room, in the present and in the NOW. So we can guarantee that anyone working under our wing has this much-needed skill!



If we are not all young in age, we are definitely young at heart and enjoy being around people.


We are a vibrant blend of students, entertainers and professionals. Each with our own unique passion. Some love dance, some love cars , some love tech and some just keep offering that element of surprise. Yes - we actually have doctors, scientists and videographers within the team. Aren't we diverse ? :)



Believing in teamwork is one thing, but to actually work as a team is another. At Afterglow, we continuously work towards keeping a solid team that would able to communicate effectively and assist one other when needed. We understand that showing trust towards the whole team brings about a sense of belonging and tenacity to ensure each and every booking is done with grace, charm, and benevolence.


243 Triq Il-Htajriet, Il-Mosta, MST 3066

+356 9900 4569

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