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An attendant is recommended to keep the little ones in check with any activity of your choosing.


-Do you just need someone to keep a safe eye on a few little ones while the big kids do the adulting at an upcoming event?

-Have you rented out a game and need someone to explain how it works to your guests ?

-Did you come up with an activity at home and just need a few extra hands to assist you ?


Price is for a Maximum Duration of 2.5 hours. 


*Optional: Your attendant can be in any costume of your choice for an extra €15.00excl.vat

Child-friendly Attendant

  • We recommend at least 1 attendant with every 10 - 15 children. Of course it really depends on the type of activity you have in mind. Here's a simple table outlining how many attendants you need to hire per group of kids: 

    1 to 10 Children  - 1 Attendant

    10 to 25 Children - 2 Attendants 

    25 - 40 Children - 3 Attendants  

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