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The Afterglow Team

Get to know us!

Francesca Scerri

Founder & Creative Director

Meet Francesca, the visionary behind Afterglow Events. Starting as a performer at 17, her keen eye for detail and passion for unforgettable experiences set her apart.

Francesca founded Afterglow in 2011. Her fearless approach to public, private and corporate events led to remarkable milestones, including stage and entertainment management for 'Tomorrowland Malta', the Logistics of The La Valette Marathon & so much more. 


Now, she's redefining entertainment and events in Malta, determined to further create opportunities for budding artists as well as professional talents.

Tessa May

Events and Marketing Executive

Meet Tessa, originally from The Isle of Wight (UK), but moved to Malta 5 years ago - and she has been gaining a variety of skills and knowledge from various industries ever since. 

For over a year now, Tessa has brought her meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer care skills to Afterglow Events, contributing her expertise to our vibrant team.

Tessa's favourite out of work activities include: dancing, singing, acting, baking, cooking, going for 'hot girl walks' and watching sunsets. 


Events Executive

Animation Department

Meet Cody, the behind-the-scenes orchestrator of our team. With a passion for precision, he takes the helm of scheduling, ensuring that every note of our events is perfectly timed.

Despite his ambitious nature, Cody harbours a love affair with music. You might catch him humming or singing in the office.

As the leader of our vibrant animation team, he harmonises effortlessly with everyone, a testament to his smooth-talking charm.

He gets things done with a determined mindset, proving that when Cody sets his sights on a goal, success is the only option.

In his free time, you'll find Cody listening to music, playing games, antagonising his brothers or searching for his next big thing.

Tammy Camilleri

Events Executive

Animation Department

Tammy, otherwise known as wardrobe master, creative genius, fixer of broken things and all round ray of sunshine. 

Tam's favourite out of work activities include: Hiphop dance classes, arts and crafts and watching fantasy movies. 


Events Executive

Promotions Department

Meet Sephora! Leading the promoters through all sorts of interesting events and activations, her scheduling abilities know no bounds! 

Sephora loves to spend quality time with friends and family, play board games, take long walks on a Sunday and read romance novels.

Mary Lou

Logistics and Store

Meet Mary Lou - keeper of the (van) keys. True to her fiery character, she is known for never saying never and always putting in 100% no matter the job!

In her free time, Mary Lou loves to stay active with strength training and yoga, but also wont say no to a relaxing night in.


Logistics and Store

Say 'hi' to Santiago! Our resident handy man and occasional Spiderman. 

In Santi's free time, he loves to cook exciting Colombian cuisine, spend time with his friends and dance the night away!

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