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Event organizing company based in Malta

It’s what we do


Who are we?


We provide event management services to private individuals and companies from different industries. We help them achieve their objectives, through clear explanations and a transparent work ethic.


Entertainment is a big part of what we do! We have a vibrant share of artistic disciplines within the entertainment industry to suit any event.


Our Values

 To ensure our clients are at ease during the exciting planning process! We’re frank, so our brain storming meetings will include coffees, pizza and sometimes ice cream! We suggest what is best for individual requirements as well as Budget. Anything challenging or innovative gets our creative juices flowing.

Team building

There is no better way to ensure that you have a strong and unified team, than organizing a team building for them.


Our Mission

 To ensure all visitors, suppliers, entertainers and guests keep talking about the event even after its well over! - The ‘Afterglow’ effect ladies and gents

Themed Events

There is no such thing as an idea that is too crazy for us!



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Why are we ‘THE’ Event Company to work with?

There is a full list of services we can offer however our main objective is to always offer that something different.

Be it a Kids Birthday Party - we're always one step ahead with innovative themes and activities that everyone can enjoy. Better yet - we have a full list of 'Giant' and life size attractions/games that would make your little guests go wild and your special event stand out !

Be it a Promotion - we focus on the main attraction that will draw potential customers towards you rather than have promoters annoy passers by with the same old special offers. Let us help you come up with the concept - better yet we can also help set it up and coordinate the whole thing !

Be it a corporate event - Our creative team will walk you through planning your next big company event. We'll find the right venue, select a theme, sketch out the floor plan, suggest entertainment, set up, coordinate and dismantle afterwards.

People come to us for creative concepts - because quite frankly - that is what we excel at.

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