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"Let the Games begin!"

No doubt the Olympic Games are an exciting global event. In our Silly Olympics children get to compete in this jam packed celebration of silly games including some giant games too. This party package could be a perfect way to get your children to “put their game faces on” and join in some competitive hilarious fun!

Upon arrival Kids will get matching colored bibs which will determine which Team they will be on for the rest of the party. 


A set of challenges will lay ahead such as:


  • Obstacle Course
  • Agility Test
  • Tug of War
  • Pass the Bomb
  • Lucky Target
  • Giant Jenga (free play)


The Package includes:


  • x2 Animators/ Leaders 
  • Competitive Games such as Obstacle legged foot race, egg & spoon, dribble ball, Simon says, Balloon popping & some of our own twists etc.. 
  • Team Bibs  
  • Custom made Certificates of Participation 
  • Dancing
  • Balloon Figures for all
  • Sound System + Music
  • Duration of 2-2.5 hours


Optional Add-on: Personalized Medal of Honor for all the guests' incredible super ability participation at €2.50 each.


Suitable for 5 - 13 years

Wacky Olympics

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