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Meet Barney, BJ and Baby Bop for singing, dancing and games! Sing and dance along to well known tunes such as : Barney is a Dinosaur / Having Fun Song/ Mr. Knickerbocker/ If All The Raindrops/ Up is Up and Down is Down/ The Clapping Song/ The Gaggle Giggle Wiggle Dance/ The Dino Dance/ If You're Happy & You Know It and the most popular of them all: I Love You.


Includes 3 Characters + 1 Leader + Balloons + Barney Card for all + PA

Duration: 20minutes

The Barney & Friends Show

    • Performance space of Approx 2m x 3m smallest 
    • A close by Power Supply for music
    • x1 small Table
    • A room where to change and leave belongings 
    • A close by room where characters can hide during the show



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