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"Let the Game BEGIN!"

Squid Game travelled the world in a few hours, and the names of the games (and the soundtrack as well) has been in everyone's mouths ever since! Well, with our Squid Game party, the children get to experience what it's like to play the games (without the fear of the harsh elimination) whilst having 2 Pink Soulders looking after them!

We will recreate the squid game challenges such as:


  • Ddakji Challenge
  • Red light green light
  • Dalgona Challenge
  • Tug of war
  • Tile game 
  • Marbles
  • Dodgeball 


The package includes:


  • x2 Animators in squid game costume
  • Squid game recreations
  • Number Tags for each child
  • Custom Certificates of Survival!
  • Balloon Figures for all
  • Sound system + Music
  • Duration 2-2.5hrs


Suitable for 7 - 13 years

Squid Games

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