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BEE-DOO-BEE-DOO.....Future SuperVillain Gru hired a couple of minions to help him create some villain-istic machines which would help him gain reputation and make everyone fear his name! But to do so, he needs much more minions - WAIT A MINUTE - would YOU like to become one of GRU's minions? 


Then this Party Package is PERFECT for you!


This Package Includes:


  • x2 Animators as Minion Leaders
  • GruvyGames
  • Science Experiments
  • ‘Minion (name) In Training’ Badge
  • Gru Minions Certificate
  • Dancing
  • Balloon Figures for all
  • Sound System + Music
  • Duration of 2-2.5 hours


Suitable for 5 - 8 years

Minions For Gru

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