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Keep the children cool in a mini pool party! Fun pool free play and age-appropriate organised water games!


Recommended for Kindergarten ages 3-5 years


Young children need to be attended by their guardians at all times


Requirements - Power supply, Easy access to water


Pools provided in this package can cater for a maximum of 25 kids (contact us for a larger amount of children)



  • X3 Animators in simple costumes
  • Rental of x3 Small paddle pools
  • Rental of Pool toys
  • Various water games for kindergarten aged kids such as
    • Fishing Game
    • Fill up the bucket
    • Float your boat 
    • Fun Games
    • And more!
  • Bubbles
  • Water Balloons
  • Speaker System
  • Nursery rhymes and Aqua dancing




Add more water elements such as a water slide and more. Contact us for more info.

Kiddie Pool Party

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