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"I think it's time you Learn you are more than just your Gift!"

We are fully on board the Encanto train in our Afterglow house, so it was a no-brainer that we would be doing an Encanto party package! If your child is enthralled with the music, storyline, and characters of Encanto as we are, get ready to receive the magic of all gifts. All our party games and activities are filled with some family Madrigal magic!


This party package will include fun encanto themed games such as:


  • Isabela Flower Pot Relay
  • Louisa Strong Plate Challenge
  • Pepa Rain Sponge Relay
  • Delores Whisper Earmuffs
  • Camilio Shape Shifter
  • Julieta Juicy Fruit Balance
  • And More!


This package includes:


  • x2 Animators in costume
  • Fun Encanto themed Games
  • Dancing
  • Balloon Figures for All
  • Sound System + Music
  • Duration 2-2.5 hrs


Suitable for 5 - 8 years 


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