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"It is the best day ever. So was yesterday, and so is tomorrow, and every day from now until forever"


Dress up, dance off, and make your modeling debut on the Barbie Runway!


Fun games and challenges will be included such as:


  • Disco Dare
  • Shopping Spree!
  • Fashion dress up
  • Catwalk Relay
  • Dance Off
  • Singalongs



This Package Includes: 


  • x2 Animators as Barbie & Ken
  • Fun games and challenges
  • Glitter Cheeks
  • Rental of glitzy and glam props
  • Cat Walk Carpet
  • x2 Standing lights
  • Dancing
  • Balloon Figures for all
  • Sound system + Microphone +
  • Duration 2-2.5hrs


Optional Add-ons: 

Bead Bracelet making

- Glitter Tattoos

- Barbie Box 

- Professional photographer with stand + backdrop + photo props


Suitable for 6 - 13 years

This Barbie Can Party!

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