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"Only Pirates can get away with saying Yo Ho!"

Ahoy Matey’s, does your little buccaneer yearn for the pirate’s life? Need pirate party games to complete your kids theme party? You’ve found the right place. We have prepared the best pirate party games that will put the ARRR in your PARRR-TY!


Train to be a pirate with these fun pirate games such as:


  • Stinky Pirate Socks Wash Relay
  • Pirate Treasure Obstacle race
  • Pirate duel
  • Pirate challenges 
  • Balloon hop spoon egg race
  • Anchor hoop toss
  • Gold coin toss


This Package Includes:


  • x2 Animators in costume
  • Fun pirate-themed games and challenges
  • Dancing
  • Balloon figures for all
  • Sound system + Music
  • Duration 2-2.5hrs


Suitable for 5 - 11 years

Ahoy Pirates

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