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Full Time DJ Animator

We are seeking a vibrant and talented individual to join our team as a Full Time DJ Animator, responsible for delivering dynamic and engaging entertainment experiences for guests throughout the day at our esteemed hotel in Malta. As the heartbeat of our entertainment program, you will infuse energy, excitement, and rhythm into every moment, creating memorable experiences that delight guests of all ages.


Entertainment Leadership:

  • Energize and engage guests with lively commentary, interactive activities, and carefully curated music selections that enhance the overall ambiance and atmosphere of our hotel.

  • Collaborate with fellow animators and department heads to develop innovative entertainment concepts, themes, and experiences that captivate and inspire our diverse audience.

Music Curation and Mixing:

  • Craft dynamic and diverse playlists tailored to specific activities, events, and themes, ensuring a seamless and immersive audio experience that complements the mood and atmosphere of each occasion.

  • Utilize professional DJ equipment and software to mix, blend, and transition between tracks, maintaining a high level of energy and excitement throughout performances and shows.

Show Preparation and Execution:

  • Work closely with entertainment coordinators and production teams to prepare and execute music cues, sound effects, and audiovisual elements for live performances, stage productions, and special events.

  • Adapt and adjust music selections and pacing in real-time to accommodate audience feedback, crowd dynamics, and spontaneous moments of interaction and engagement.

Technical Proficiency and Sound Management:

  • Ensure the proper setup, calibration, and operation of audio equipment, sound systems, and microphones, maintaining optimal sound quality, clarity, and balance throughout performances and activities.

  • Troubleshoot technical issues, adjust sound levels, and monitor audio signals to prevent distortion, feedback, or disruptions during shows and presentations.

Audience Interaction and Engagement:

  • Interact with guests of all ages, backgrounds, and preferences, responding to requests, dedications, and shout-outs while fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere of celebration and enjoyment.

  • Encourage audience participation, dance, and movement through engaging prompts, challenges, and interactive games designed to inspire laughter, camaraderie, and connection.


  • Previous experience as a professional DJ, entertainer, or performer in a hospitality, nightlife, or events environment, with a proven track record of engaging and entertaining diverse audiences.

  • Proficiency in DJ software, mixing techniques, and sound engineering principles, with the ability to create compelling and cohesive musical experiences that resonate with a wide range of tastes and preferences.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to engage, connect, and interact with guests of all ages and backgrounds in a friendly, approachable, and inclusive manner.

  • A passion for music, performance, and creating memorable moments that leave a lasting impression on guests.

Join our dynamic team and lead the way in creating captivating dance performances that inspire and entertain audiences!

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