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Full Time Dance Captain

As a Full Time Dance Captain, you will play a pivotal role in leading our team of dancers to deliver exceptional performances. Your responsibilities will include:


Leading the Dance Team:

  • Directing and motivating the team of dancers to ensure cohesive performances.

  • Providing guidance and support to dancers to help them excel in their roles.

Rehearsal Management:

  • Setting and organizing rehearsals to refine and perfect choreography.

  • Adapting choreography as necessary to enhance performance quality.

Call Time Coordination:

  • Establishing call times for rehearsals and performances to ensure punctuality and readiness.

Performance Optimization:

  • Ensuring that all performers deliver their best during rehearsals and live shows.

  • Implementing strategies to enhance performance quality and audience engagement.

Show Polishing:

  • Overseeing the polishing of shows to maintain high standards of performance excellence.

  • Providing constructive feedback and coaching to dancers to refine their skills.

Costume and Props Maintenance:

  • Monitoring and reporting on the maintenance and condition of costumes and props.

  • Collaborating with relevant teams to ensure timely repairs and replacements.

Show Running and Technical Support:

  • Coordinating with audio and lighting teams to ensure smooth show operations.

  • Troubleshooting technical issues and ensuring seamless show transitions.

Management Reporting:

  • Compiling and sending regular reports to management regarding team performance and progress.

  • Providing insights and recommendations for performance improvement and optimization.

Schedule Management:

  • Planning and managing schedules for the dance team, including off days and holidays.

  • Addressing scheduling conflicts and ensuring adequate coverage for rehearsals and shows.

Contract Extension:

  • Commit to a one-year contract with the possibility of extension to two years based on performance.

  • Demonstrate professionalism and dedication to uphold the standards of the performance team.


  • Strong technical  background

  • Comfortable performing jazz, commercial, lyrical and musical theatre


  • Proven experience in dance performance and choreography.

  • Strong leadership and communication skills.

  • Excellent organizational and time management abilities.

  • Proficiency in managing rehearsals and live performances.

  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and adapt to changing circumstances.

  • Knowledge of technical aspects of stage productions and show running.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Dance, Performing Arts, or related field preferred.

Join our dynamic team and lead the way in creating captivating dance performances that inspire and entertain audiences!

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