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Full Time Chief Animator

We are seeking a dynamic and passionate individual to join our team as a Full Time Chief Animator, responsible for leading a team of animators and orchestrating captivating entertainment experiences for guests throughout the day at our established hotel in Malta. As the creative force behind our entertainment program, you will play a pivotal role in shaping memorable moments and fostering an atmosphere of fun and excitement for guests of all ages.


Leadership and Team Management:

  • Lead and inspire a team of animators, providing guidance, support, and mentorship to ensure optimal performance and professional development.

  • Delegate tasks, set expectations, and foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment where creativity and innovation thrive.

Dynamic Programming:

  • Develop and oversee a diverse program of engaging activities, events, and shows designed to captivate and entertain guests throughout the day.

  • Adapt and refine entertainment offerings based on guest feedback, emerging trends, and seasonal influences to ensure ongoing guest satisfaction and engagement.

Strategic Planning and Coordination:

  • Collaborate with hotel management and department heads to align entertainment initiatives with overall guest experience objectives and brand standards.

  • Coordinate scheduling, logistics, and resource allocation to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the entertainment program while adhering to budgetary guidelines.

Quality Assurance and Performance Optimization:

  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of animators, providing constructive feedback, coaching, and training opportunities to enhance skills and ensure consistency in delivery.

  • Conduct regular reviews and assessments of activities, shows, and performances to maintain the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and guest satisfaction.

Logistical Support and Maintenance:

  • Oversee the maintenance, organization, and inventory management of costumes, props, equipment, and other resources essential for delivering engaging entertainment experiences.

  • Address logistical challenges, troubleshoot operational issues, and liaise with relevant stakeholders to resolve concerns and ensure seamless execution of activities and events.

Communication and Reporting:

  • Serve as a liaison between the animation team and hotel management, providing regular updates, progress reports, and recommendations to support informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Foster open and transparent communication channels to promote collaboration, teamwork, and alignment of goals and objectives across departments


  • Previous experience in a leadership or supervisory role within the hospitality, entertainment, or related industry, with a demonstrated ability to inspire, motivate, and empower team members.

  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the capacity to build rapport, establish trust, and cultivate positive relationships with guests, colleagues, and stakeholders at all levels.

  • Creative flair, artistic vision, and a passion for delivering memorable and immersive entertainment experiences that resonate with diverse audiences and demographics.

Join our dynamic team and lead the way in creating captivating dance performances that inspire and entertain audiences!

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