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 Full Time Animator

We are seeking vibrant and enthusiastic individuals to join our team as Full Time Animators, responsible for entertaining guests throughout the day at an established hotel in Malta. As a key member of our entertainment program, you will engage both adults and children in a variety of fun-filled activities and interactive experiences.


Engaging Entertainment:

  • Plan and execute a diverse program of entertaining activities and events designed to delight guests of all ages.

  • Foster a lively and energetic atmosphere by actively engaging guests in interactive games, sports, and creative workshops.

Interactive Interaction:

  • Interact and build rapport with guests through personalized attention, friendly conversation, and attentive service.

  • Create memorable experiences by tailoring activities to the interests and preferences of individual guests and groups.

Dynamic Programming:

  • Organize and facilitate a range of engaging activities, including poolside games, beach sports, arts and crafts sessions, and themed parties.

  • Adapt entertainment offerings to suit changing guest demographics, seasonal trends, and special occasions.

Accommodation and Dining:

  • Enjoy the convenience of provided accommodation at the same hotel, ensuring easy access to work and leisure amenities.

  • Benefit from complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner options offered on-site to sustain energy and well-being throughout the day.

Contract Extension:

  • Commit to a one-year contract term with the potential for extension to two years based on performance evaluations and guest feedback.

  • Demonstrate professionalism, creativity, and dedication to enhancing the guest experience to maximize the impact of the entertainment program.

Versatile Interaction:

  • Interact with guests of all ages, including children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, to create inclusive and enjoyable experiences for diverse audiences.

  • Tailor entertainment activities to cater to the interests, abilities, and cultural backgrounds of guests from diverse nationalities and demographics.


  • Passion for entertainment, with a natural flair for engaging and captivating audiences of all ages.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to connect with guests on a personal level and foster positive relationships.

  • Creativity, adaptability, and resourcefulness in developing and delivering engaging entertainment programs and activities.

  • Enthusiasm for working in a dynamic hospitality environment, with a commitment to delivering exceptional guest service and satisfaction.

Join our dynamic team and lead the way in creating captivating dance performances that inspire and entertain audiences!

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