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Ubumania is an immersive event that seamlessly combines comedy, satire and interactivity to create a memorable corporate event.

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The event includes a fully set-up venue with a stage, specially designed light and sound effects and video screens to encourage and aid interactivity. A cast of six actor-facilitators, two dancers, karaoke based on our musical arrangements, and all the consumables that will be used during the experience are also included. Participation in Ubumania will be immortalised for you through a set of photographs which will be made available to you, as well as a specially commissioned limited-edition artwork by bestselling artist Ryan Falzon. Other bespoke options include a meal before or after the event and a party set up with DJ after the event. An open bar is available before and during the event. ​The event and its different components can be themed and customised according to your requirements.


If you are looking for a truly unique and memorable experience for your company - then you really don't need to look any further!  Ubu is something that will have people talking about for months, if not years, after the event.  For more details on this amazing experience get in touch today!


What is Ubumania?

Ubumania is a one of a kind immersive event that seamlessly combines comedy, satire and interactivity to create a memorable corporate event.


Is it a show ?

Yes, but a very original one in which the guests are encouraged to
join in.  The event is scripted, loosely based on a theatrical classic that is still being performed regularly, however our actors are trained to improvise to ensure fun throughout. Think of it as a war for power and money. Two things which the whole world has fought over time and time again! Getting excited yet ?


How many actors am I getting exactly ?

The cast is made up of 6 actors/ animators and 2 dancers. Over and above this team, the technical crew would also be on site: Floor Manager, Light Operator, Sound Engineer, Visual Operator, Makeup Artist, Wardrobe assistant and x2 Stage Hands.


Do all guests have to be seated ?

The best thing about UBU is that it is very versatile, mobile and easy to customise. Seating arrangements are totally flexible  -  in the round, U-shaped or whatever arrangement the client prefers. The event can
also be set up with high tables, low tables and sofas. Everything
depends on the chosen venue and space available of course!


What activities will the guests have to participate in ?

Lets make things clear - no one will be forced to participate if one does not want to. However, from previous events we are positive everyone will in one way or another be part of Ubumania. Guests are invited to participate in a variety of group activities including drinking games, pelting balls towards the 'enemy', karaoke, and cheering for your 'team'. The experience is designed to encourage everyone to be part of Ubumania. Activities vary according to venue and number of guests.


How long is the Entertainment ?

The duration of the whole 'scripted' event will last approx 2 hours with 2 acts of 50minutes each. Add a welcome drink at the beginning and an after party right after - you can easily stretch to a good 5hrs or more.


Can I use any venue ?

Ubumania is designed to fit into practically any space that can
accommodate the number of invited guests plus an acting area of six by

six metres. Preferably - we would rather you would make use of UBU partner venues namely, MFCC in Ta Qali or Excelsior Hotel in Floriana BUT we are not limited to using just these two locations. We can set up UBU anywhere really as long as we have at least a space of 15m x 15m.


Is a photographer included ?

YES ! The package includes a photographer for the duration of 3 hours to capture all the outrageous, funny and memorable moments of the evening. All photos will be forwarded via WeTransfer Link.


Do you film the event ?

A videographer is not included, however we can easily set this up for you if you want to keep a 60 second long video edit for a company keepsake. 


Are goody bags included in the package ?

Oh yes ! As soon as guests enter the event venue our cast will hand out goody bags filled with fun props and knick knacks that they will have to use during the event. These goody bags can be customised and branded with your company branding if preferred, at an additional cost. 


Is food and beverage included ?

Catering is not included with the entertainment package however we will be able to coordinate all this for you no problem. We can do cocktail bars, finger food, food stalls, food trucks or even buffet style options. Lets talk !


What decorations are set up ?

There will be no specific decor items set up with the package but we will rig up Lighting, Sound, LED screens , staging and carpeting in accordance with the chosen venue. Chairs and tables to be supplied by the chosen venue. 

If you would like to fully customise your experience, UBU is versatile enough to handle it. Any other themed decor will be at an additional cost. 

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