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The Afterglow Team

Get to know us!


Tessa May Attrill

Marketing & Events Executive

Tessa's passion for the performing arts led her to the renowned Performers College, where she earned a full DADa scholarship to undergo three years of rigorous training in Musical Theatre.

Post-graduation, Tessa ventured into the professional realm, starting as a production singer with Warner Hotels. Her career then took her to the picturesque island of Malta, where she collaborated with KLS International, showcasing her talents on an international stage.

Despite a brief hiatus caused by the challenges of COVID, Tessa returned to the limelight as a production show singer and Vocal/Show Captain with Bubbles Entertainment, leaving her mark in DB hotels across Malta. For over a year now, Tessa has brought her meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer care skills to Afterglow Events, contributing her expertise to our vibrant team.

Francesca Scerri

Founder & Creative Director

Meet Francesca, the Creative Force Behind Afterglow Events!


From the moment Francesca stepped onto the stage as a full-time performer at the young age of 17, a captivating journey into the world of events began. But she wasn't just any performer - her keen eye for detail and passion for creating unforgettable experiences set her apart from the crowd.

While dazzling audiences under the spotlight, Francesca couldn't help but notice the little things that often went unnoticed by event planners. She knew that these small details, if given the right care, could elevate the entire event experience and make it truly remarkable.


Driven by this realization, Francesca took charge and began handling the animation team within the same company, organizing countless kids' parties and events. At the incredible age of 18, she found herself managing an entire department single-handedly, a true testament to her efficiency, proactivity, and self-sufficiency.

But her journey didn't stop there. She ventured into the realm of promoter management, where she discovered her knack for sales. Her theatrical experience became a powerful tool for capturing potential customers' attention, leading to great success in supermarket sales. However, Francesca yearned for more.

In 2011, the time had come for her to spread her wings and embark on her own path. Afterglow Events was born, and with it, a world of endless possibilities. Within just two years, the animation team blossomed from 5 to an impressive 30 members.

Corporate events took on a whole new dimension with Francesca's unique touch. She fearlessly pushed boundaries, always striving for that extra flair that would leave attendees awestruck. Challenges that seemed insurmountable became opportunities for innovation and growth. Not once where the words "I can't" or "I don't know how" uttered. Her determination knew no limits.

Francesca's expertise and passion have led her to remarkable milestones. As the entertainment manager and stage manager for 'Tomorrowland Malta,' one of the biggest festivals to grace the islands, she showcased her exceptional talent and left an indelible mark. Now, Francesca sets her sights on creating a new standard for entertainment and events in Malta, reaching for the sky and beyond.

With a boundless imagination and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Afterglow is rewriting the rules of event planning and entertainment. Prepare to be captivated, dazzled, and enchanted.

Welcome to a world where dreams come alive and where the possibilities are as infinite as the stars. 

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Cody Schembri

Events Executive - Animation Department

Sephora Schembri

Events Executive - Promotions Department

Santiago Charry

Logistics & Store

Tammy Camilleri

Events Executive - Animation Department

Marylou Farrugia

Logistics & Store

Meet Cody, the behind-the-scenes orchestrator of our team. With a passion for precision, he takes the helm of scheduling, ensuring that every note of our events is perfectly timed. But there's more to Cody than meets the eye.

Despite his ambitious nature, Cody harbors a shy love affair with music. You might catch him humming or singing in the office, a melody escaping from his heart. As the leader of our vibrant animation team, he harmonizes effortlessly with everyone, a testament to his smooth-talking charm.

Beyond his operational finesse, Cody is a fashion aficionado, infusing his personal style into our workspace. He gets things done with a determined mindset, proving that when Cody sets his sights on a goal, success is the only option.

In Cody, we've found a maestro who not only orchestrates schedules but also adds a musical touch to our daily work rhythm.

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