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Our bubble Artist will be in a fun and alluring costume which can be customisable to your needs and theme. 


They will demonstrate just how amazing and versatile the mighty bubble can be! Except to see small bubbles, medium sizd bubbles, bubble foam, smoke bubbles, and GIANT bubbles! 


The whole show can either be done with or without fun and upbeat music using a PA system provided by us.


A carpet/throw will be provided to ensure no slippery hiccups as well. 


Total duration of the show is 30 - 45mins 


Kindly note that the Bubble Show has a max of 25 children. Anymore and our Bubble Artist will require as assistant which will be charged as an extra. 

Bubble Show

  • - Preferably Indoor Location with closed windows for best effect 

    - A floor space area of at least 3m x 3m 

    - x1 Bucket with clean water + floor cloth just in case we have any spills and need to clean up. 


    *Show can be done in an outdoor area however if weather is windy the bubbles will keep popping! :(  

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